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Citigroup Center

At 915ft / 279m, the aluminum and reflective glass clad tower known as the Citigroup Center is one of the tallest building in Midtown Manhattan. But what really makes this skyscraper stand out are the triangular rooftop and the four massive 114ft (35m) columns on which the building seems to float.
The Plot
Citigroup Center
Citigroup Center
Those columns were the result of an agreement between Citibank and the St. Peter's Lutheran Church. The church owned a valuable property in Midtown, occupying one third of a city block on Lexington Avenue and 54th street. In the 1960s the church faced financial problems and wanted to sell its property.
At the same time Citibank, which was located just across the street, was looking to expand. Thus the church sold its property to Citibank, but only on the condition that the bank would build a new church replacing their 1904 Gothic Revival church. The two parties also agreed that the new St. Peter's church had to be a distinctive building, not incorporated in the office tower.

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Battery Park

Referred to as the "Emerald Doorstep to the Metropolis", New York's expansive Battery Park has undergone much renovation during the last several years, making it better than ever!
Fountain in Battery Park, Lower Manhattan, New York
Fountain near Clinton Castle
The 23-acre/9ha waterfront Battery Park is the largest public open space in the Downtown section of Manhattan. The park is located at the tip of Manhattan, causing many to refer to it as the city's "front lawn". The peaceful park faces the vibrant waterfront on one side and the bustling section of Manhattan known as - what else? - The Battery, on the other.

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Macy's Department Store

From one man's dream of building a "fine" dry goods shop came the world's largest department store and one of the most famous ever built.
History of Macy's Herald Square
When Rowland Hussey Macy opened his "fancy dry goods" store in 1858 on New York's 6th Avenue, little did he know that his name
Macy's, Herald Square, New York
would long be associated with one of the most legendary stores in retail history.

That little Macy's store paved the way for a number of firsts and New Yorkers soon began to flock to the store with the big red star logo (inspired by a tattoo that Mr. Macy sported) for the finest in shopping experiences.

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Trinity Church

Dominating the Lower Manhattan skyline from the mid-19th century until the early 20th century, Trinity Church is known for its magnificent architecture.
Building the Church
Trinity Church, Manhattan, New York
Trinitiy Church
The congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church is one of theoldest in America, having been established in 1697 under charter by King William III. At that time, the crown granted them a prime piece of real estate at the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street. A church building has stood there ever since.

The current Trinity Church is the third building to stand at that location. It was designed by American Institute of Architects co-founder William Upjohn and was consecrated on Ascension Day in 1846. Upjohn was known as a leader of the American Gothic Revival movement. His magnificent design made Trinity one of the first and finest examples of Neo-Gothic architecture in the United States.

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Washington Square

Washington Square Park, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, is a very popular and crowded square. It is best known for its bohemian and rebellious character.
People from all backgrounds flock to this large square dotted with trees. At the center of the square are its two main attractions: a large fountain and the Washington arch.

Before the Washington square was built in 1826, the area was used as a burial ground. 
The row, New York
The Row
The north side was a German cemetery, while the south side was a potter's field (a nameless burial ground). The area was later used as a public gallows and execution ground.

Between 1829 and 1833, a row of houses were built at the North side of the square. The prestigious houses, built of red Brick in Flemish bond in Greek revival style, became known as '
The Row'. The entrances are flanked by Ionic and Doric columns and have marble balustrades. By the end of the 19th century, the north side continued to attract rich and leading citizens,
Washington Square Arch, New York
Square Arch
while the south side was populated with immigrants living in tenement houses.

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Federal Hall

A National Historic Site since 1939, Federal Hall is probably the finest Greek Revival building in New York City.
The Early Days of Federal Hall
Situated at 26 Wall Street, the original structure 
Federal Hall, New York City
Federal Hall
known as Federal Hall was built in 1700 to house New York's City Hall. During the turbulent years before the American Revolution, the building was the location for many historic events. After the Revolution, the 1st Congress met at Federal Hall and the new governing body was responsible for passing many important laws and acts at that location. In addition, George Washington was inaugurated at Federal Hall in 1789.

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City Hall

A designated New York City landmark and listed on the New York and National Registers of Historic Places, City Hall is one of the most treasured buildings in Manhattan.
City Hall New York
City Hall
Located in Lower Manhattan between Broadway and Park Row, New York's City Hall is full of wonderful U.S. history and its architecture has been praised by a wealth of experts in the field.

History of City Hall
When it became time for the city of New York to replace their old city hall, built in 1700 and located at Wall and Nassau Streets, government officials held a competition to determine who would design the building. The winners were a pair of gentlemen - one American, one French - who never again collaborated on a building project.