понедельник, 29 августа 2011 г.

Daily News Building

The Daily News Building was constructed when the New York newspaper had the highest circulation of any newspaper in the world!
The Construction
Located on 42nd Street, the Daily News Building was constructed in 1929-1930 for the newspaper 
The Globe inside the Daily News Building, New York City
The Globe
of the same name, owned by Joseph Patterson.
Journalist/publisher Patterson chose architect Raymond Hood for the job. Hood had designed the magnificent 
Chicago Tribune building, which was owned by Patterson's grandfather, Joseph Medill.

четверг, 18 августа 2011 г.

Lincoln Center for The Performing Arts

In New York City, the cultural capital of the United States, there stands a complex that is dedicated to the finest in the world of music and the arts... Lincoln Center.
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is more than just one building. It's an entire area - 16.3 acres (6,6 ha) in all - devoted to music, dance, and theater.
It is home to 12 institutions, including the Metropolitan Opera, the Lincoln Center Theater, the New York Philharmonic and the New York City Ballet. Literally thousands of concerts and performances happen here each year, making it one of New York's most visited venues.

In 1959 construction started on a grand complex that was to concentrate several cultural institutions that were spread out over the city. The initiative for the complex was taken in 1950 by the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic, which were both looking for a new accommodation. They founded the Lincoln Center Corporation, presided by John D. Rockefeller III. The location chosen for the new complex was a rundown area of tenements west of Central Park, 
Vivian Beaumont Theater
Vivian Beaumont Theater
a neighborhood featured in the famous musical 'West Side Story'.

воскресенье, 14 августа 2011 г.

Park Row Building

New York City's magnificent Park Row Building was built around the turn of the 20th century and was - for 9 years - the tallest building in the world.
The skyscraper 
Park Row Building, New York
is one of several surviving late nineteenth-century office towers situated on the street that became known as Newspaper Row, the busy center of newspaper publishing in New York City from the 1840s to the 1920s.

The World's Tallest
It's hard to believe that the 391-foot (119m), 30-story building long known as the Park Row Building once held the honor that now belongs to gigantic buildings like the Sears Tower in Chicagoor the Empire State Building in New York. But in 1899, when the building was completed, it was indeed the tallest anywhere.

вторник, 2 августа 2011 г.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The neo-gothic Cathedral of St. Patrick is the largest catholic church in the United States. Despite its 330ft (100m) tall spires it is dwarfed by the many neighboring midtown skyscrapers.
St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
St. Patrick's Cathedral
St. Patrick's Cathedral, situated on posh Fifth Avenue near Rockefeller Center, is actually the "new" St. Patrick's. The original church opened in 1815 on Mulberry Street in lower Manhattan. During the next several decades, the Catholic population of New York City continued to rise, and in 1853, Archbishop John Hughes declared that the city's faithful should have a new place to worship.